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Thursday, April 26, 2012


* New weather system training ended today for the Charlotte based weather staff. Thus, ends my two weeks of training.  AMEN.  With luck, I'll get back to some regular blogging over the weekend and next week. My brain hurts, I'm tired, and I just want to sleep.

* Alas, no rest for the weary, tons to do Saturday and then on Sunday, I am "Phil Donahue'ing"  "An Afternoon with Adam & Jamie" - the Myth Busters!. 2:30 pm at UNC Charlotte's Halton Arena.  Should be fun, but it's been years since I have been in front of a large live crowd like this.  I'll do my best to be James Lipton or something. Should be a hoot, come on out... !

* Mixed sort of weather for the weekend.  Showers and storms at times, with sunshine along the way. Mid to lower 80s Saturday, cooler Sunday.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Knockout Yellow from last year survived. 2 others did not, replace last week with more yellows!
* Round 2 of training coming up this week. So, much like last week, don't expect much on the old blog; just not enough hours in my day.

* Rain out, cold coming in, I'd protect your plants Monday night, looks like mid to lower 30s possible early Tuesday morning.  Course a farmer I know told me today, "Eh this is how Ma Nature weeds out the bad genetics.. "  He has a point, but I'll be damned if I am letting my rose bushes take a dive.  I had to almost fight a lady for the last two yellow knockout rose bushes at Lowes the other day. Thankfully, I move quick!  :-)  FYI: They yellows are the most fragrant out of any of them.

* Greg and I worked to get the beehive stands out in the apiary earlier today. Thwarted we were by the damn rain.  So, Saturday it will be of this next weekend.  Has to be as the bee's will be in that Monday or Tuesday I am thinking.

* Next round of rain / storms will likely be Thursday into Friday of this week.  Temperatures will rebound in a big way by mid week.

* Stay well!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sorry... been on the road...

* Sorry all, been busy with other pressing matters and blog time just has not landed on my daily schedule.  I am up in Raleigh, back home Thursday night, training on our new weather system.  I've been training with the Raleigh based mets and one of them will be down in Charlotte next week to train with the Charlotte based weather staff.

* Long days of learning, and your brain just gets saturated.  The new system is a ton easier to use, offers more possibilities for data variety and display.  The Stormtracker side of the system will greatly enhance our ability to localize, display and share storm data and other important information. It isn't a miracle tool, but the thought process and how we fly the system could really free up ones mind to concentrate on storm evaluation and more rapidly asses what is taking place.  In short, a faster read of what the heck is unfolding over our heads.  As a result, perhaps, a quicker heads-up for our viewers about seeking safety if needed.  We'll see how it goes. Technology is only as good as the person who uses it and how they use it.

* We'll be the first in the state to benefit from a new "Social Media" tool.  Per our trainer, we are the first to get it.  So, I expect our ability to more fully embrace various forms of social media will have a more coordinated focus.  If somewhat "seasoned salts" like me can get excited over it, then the younger lot will have their heads spinning.  We'll see how it goes in the coming months. Social media is the wave of information sharing, and you are doomed if you don't get it in gear and have a solid strategy going with as few hurdles as possible.

* There are some other bells and whistles, I won't bore you, but this just makes our life a bit more easier for the times when the proverbial meteorological shit is hitting the fan.

* Blogging will be limited through late next week.  I'll get to it when I can.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Well then...

Jennette's Pier, OBX
* OBX was good.  Bit chilly at times, but overall, enjoyable. Big crowds along this coast Easter weekend and a lot of rentals were occupied for the week.  OBX, this time of year, can be a good indication of where the economy is tracking; I'd say, it's on the rebound.  I was a bit shocked frankly.

* Cold start this morning, mid to lower 30s for many areas (31 here in Huntersville), will give way to mid 60s today. Patchy frost possible tonight, but that should be about it for the foreseeable future. 

* Highs will be rebounding through the week and into the weekend. Lower 80s with the potential for much warmer temps next week; we'll see how that plays out.

* New weather system has a pulse. Today starts a very busy three weeks of training, tweaking and launching. Here's hoping Ma Nature cuts the weather staff a break and saves us from long days during the big training push.

* Enjoy the day.

Friday, April 6, 2012


* End of the week!

* Good weather for the weekend and much of next week. 

* Frost possible early Saturday and, perhaps, Wednesday and Thursday mornings of next week.

* Headed OBX way for a long weekend.  Ready to get on the road. Thankfully, Ma Nature is giving me a break. So, no long night expected weather wise.

* I find it ironic that all of the unseasonal warmth packs up and ships out when I head to the beach. Eh, so it goes, cool and chilly along the coast is better than cool and chilly while staring at the same landmarks I stare at on a daily basis.  Besides, it keeps the riffraff off the the coast and out of my way! 

* House sitter arrived this morning. 

* Internet access, out there, depends on how well I can "borrow" an unlocked wireless signal. So, this will be the last post until mid week next week.  You all have a good Easter.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


* Backdoor cold front is to our south. Curious placement for the T'storm watch as Gaston, Meck and Union counties appear to have less than "ideal" support for any sort of storms.  CAPT is non-existent.  Cleveland and York County, OK.. I'll give them that.  We'll see how it goes. Perhaps I'm being too skeptical in my read of the data.

* Rain likely heavy at times this evening and overnight.  Looks like we should be down with the rain by late morning Friday. Clearing skies will kick in through the afternoon. 

* The weekend still looks good.

* Frost may be an issue a couple of nights next week. Wednesday and Thursday mornings perhaps.  Wednesday morning looks a bit more viable. Temps will trend below seasonal norms for much of next week. Warmer than "average" temps look to return around the 15th of the month.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hump Day...

* Northern portions of Texas got abused yesterday by Ma Nature. Dallas area hit hard.  Thankfully, for our slice of planet earth, we won't be doing that dance here in NC.

* Storms are on the menu this day. Some cells, if they get rolling, could produce some damaging winds.  I'd look for storm development kicking off in the mountains by mid afternoon and then moving into the Piedmont as the late afternoon and evening hours unfold.  Back door cold front along with some kick of "attitude" aloft, will help these cells get going.

* Cool front will be south by Thursday afternoon, but still close enough to keep showers and a few storms in the mix for the day. 

* CAD event setting up Thursday night will bring more showers to our area as a storm system track to our south.  We should have enough stability from the CAD (or wedge) that storm development is unlikely.

* Modeling suggests the wedge may scour our earlier than expected on Friday.  Color me skeptical on this as modeling usually handles the departure of wedges poorly.  I'd mentally prep for it to hang out through very early Saturday morning and then rapidly improving skies near sunrise Saturday.  If it does indeed scour our ahead of schedule, per the modeling, then so be it; we'll all dance in the streets.

* The weekend as a "whole" should turn out very nice. Sunshine and lower 70s returning after the upper 50s to near 60 for a high on Friday.

* Our new weather system has physically arrived at the station.  Engineering staff will spend the next few weeks installing it and the weather staff is already working on training. We'll have hands on training from our weather vendor starting the mid part of the month. The system is top notch and the most up to date available on the market today. In the computer world, of course, that never last more than six months.  Just darn happy to see it. I had to hug one of the boxes... no, not really.

* Enjoy the day.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


* Nice start to our day.  Mid 70s today with a small chance for a late day shower / storm.  Better zone will be along the stationary or slow moving warm front.

* Mid 80s are back Wednesday with a better chance for storms.  If storms do roll, they could have "bite" to them.

* System south, and high pressure to our north will bring clouds, cooler temps and periods of rain to our region Thursday and Friday.  Pseudo wedge event could only allow temps in the upper 50s to lower 60s for Friday.

* The weekend still looking good, but the clearing out process could be a bit slower than anticipated.  We'll see.

Room for one can not two
* So, my HOA has started enforcing "store your waste receptacles"; hence the "notice" on my can last night.  I have two cans and one screen to store them behind.  The new big recycle can will have to go as Crum Manor, and the others in my townhome row, have no garage and limited screen space.  So, when a baby seal washes up on shore with some sort of recycle item lodged in it's throat, blame a local HOA for not having some common sense. I had thought Meck County required homes to recycling for residential areas; alas, just business so I've read. Always nice when an HOA is more concerned with back alleys rather than some sort of broader stewardship about what gets buried and what doesn't.

* Enjoy the day.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


* On Call weekend uh-gin.  So, never really a "mental respite" from keeping an eye on the sky.  Frankly, most weather geeks don't ever really rest.  Color me guilty.  I'll be along the coast next weekend, and the only saving grace will be the lack of WiFi reliability.

* Small kick of energy has been persistent today.  Started tracking it up in KY this morning and it's been working S/SE all day. So, this evening we have some showers and a few low topped, no lightning producing storms bringing gusty winds to portions of the viewing region; mostly west of I-77.  I suspect a few showers will be working east of 77 as well.

* Backdoor cold front drops south through our area tonight and Monday.  This may trigger a few showers and storms early Monday and again Monday afternoon.  Boundary placement will determine who gets hit and who misses out.  Modeling, doesn't seem to have a good grasp on things.  As evidence... I give you tonight's shower action and gusty winds. 

* The week ahead will run the roller-coaster of temperatures; mid 80s Monday, Mid 70s Tuesday, Mid 80s Wednesday. Cold front mid week, will bring a round showers and storms; severe weather could be in the mix Wednesday night. "Unsettled" conditions may be in play through early Saturday.  We'll see how it goes.

* Emily and Brian departed Crum Manor this morning.  Emily did pretty well in her gymnastics meet last night. She's a tall drink of water and moves it well through the air. I'd say probably the most athletic of the Clan Asbill.

* Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  April is one busy month for me after my short Easter vacation along the OBX.  One day at a time.. one day at time....